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Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is critical to stop accidental and malicious data leaks—whether.

It’s customer information, financial data, intellectual property or trade secrets. Today’s enterprise must be able to identify, track, and secure all confidential data at rest, in use, and in motion. This is increasingly difficult due to growing risk factors, including mobile workers and the widespread use of USB drives, webmail, IM, and CDs/DVDs.

Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention is a family of solutions designed to minimize the risk of information loss and improve your visibility of data usage patterns and risky business processes—so your private information remains secure. You’ll gain broad coverage, high performance, anddeployment flexibility needed to comply with regulatory mandates. Trend Micro DLP solutions also offer advanced DataDNA? fingerprinting to secure unstructured data and intellectual property,whether on or off the network.

Trend Micro DLP Endp oint
‧ Supports compliance with industry regulations
‧ Educates users on corporate data usage policies
‧ Protects unstructured data and intellectual property
‧ Supports multi-function capabilities such as real-time monitoring, blocking and data discovery functions—via a single, lightweight agent

Trend Micro DLP Network Monitor
‧ Inspects your network 24x7 with real-time monitoring
‧ Powered by Trend Micro? Smart Protection Network?
‧ Tracks and documents sensitive data flowing through network egress points
‧ Aids in compliance, identifies risky business processes and improves corporate data usage policies

Trend Micro DLP Management Server
‧ Provides a central point of visibility and control for discovery, fingerprint extraction, policy enforcement,and reporting violations
‧ Available as a hardware appliance or software virtual appliance—for greater flexibility and lower costs

Lower Cost and Complexity
‧ Provides faster time to protection with new push-button compliance templates
‧ Saves time with workflow-navigation engine,Active Directory integration, and user/group

‧ Streamlines IT with delegated administration plus end user device and access control
‧ Offers pricing options and flexibility with two modules and multiple form factors

Expanded Privacy Protection
‧ Helps ensure compliance with more inspection points—for the broadest coverage
‧ Offers new filters for Skype, P2P, Windows File Share, ActiveSync, clipboard, and network printers
‧ Defends other network channels including email, webmail, HTTP/S, FTP, and IM
‧ Secures endpoint input/output such as file transfers to USB drives and CD/DVDs features

Data-Stealing Malware Detection Powered by Smart Protection Network
‧ Identifies keyloggers, spyware, Trojans, and botnets that try to steal data
Data Discovery and Scanning
‧ Locates sensitive data stored on laptops,desktops, and servers with radar-like precision
‧ Employs policy enforcement and multiple matching engines for real-time protection
‧ Continuously monitors data at rest, in use, and in motion to prevent data loss
‧ Blocks unauthorized data transfers

Advanced Intellectual Property Protection
‧ Protects unstructured data using DataDNA? fingerprinting—for superior accuracy
‧ Reduces fingerprint size by over 90%, increasing scalability without sacrificing accuracy
‧ Improves performance with new endpoint fingerprint crawler for real-time identification

Interactive Employee Education and Remediation
‧ Alerts employees to sensitive content and risky behavior with options to justify or block
‧ Uses dialog boxes to educate employees on appropriate handling of confidential information
‧ Does not impact business processes

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