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Outsourcing Services

As more public and private enterprises look to reduce their costs and maximize their computer resources, organizations are turning to outsourcing options, including: project development, computer center operations and computer system maintenance.

SYSCOM saw this trend coming and has resources in place already to provide our clients with premier outsourcing solutions and services. SYSCOM assembles dedicated technical teams to match the scale of your outsourcing needs. Our customers are praising SYSCOM outsourcing. For example, our healthcare information network center in Taipei and Kaohsiung Cities, trading system operations and maintenance for China-based stock exchanges.

Our comprehensive outsourcing services model includes: personnel, project management, system analysis, system design, program coding and maintenance engineering. These operations can take place onsite or at SYSCOM facility.

Due to SYSCOM’s experience collaborating with other outsourcing providers, our international customers know their local outsourcing expertise they employ will work seamlessly within their global outsourcing strategy.

Success Stories
Healthcare Information Center
National Archives Administration Information System
Taiwan National Space Program Office (NSPO)