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2013 Spring Announcement - DBMaker 5.2 Wins the 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award

[2013/3/8] Developed domestically by SYSCOM, DBMaker won the “Taiwan Excellence Award” among some 1,200 other products in this year's competition sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and commissioned by the Foreign Trade Association. When asked, customers who have used DBMaker for more than ten years, report DBMaker is an invaluable product of the highest quality. Being the first year that DBMaker has entered this competition, the honor is extra special for SYSCOM and a truly exciting way to being the new year.

Investment in DBMaker's development began in 1995. Since then sales have expanded beyond Taiwan to include many countries, notably Japan, Italy, and the United States, where people are continuing use DBMaker. In 2004, under the leadership of General Manager Mr. James Liu, SYSCOM established the first domestic information services R&D center. Both at the heart of this effort and deep inside DBMaker is SYSCOM's relational database core engine. In large part due to SYSCOM's commitment to software development technologies, DBMaker's evolution is not unlike other international vendors with comparable products such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Oracle MySQL, and SAP Sybase. Specifically, SYSCOM's focused R&D efforts have provided DBMaker with a long list of key technologies and features, including: tablespace architectures, journalling, transaction controls, locking methods, COBOL developer solutions, JDBC drivers, and standardized XML data transfers.

As cloud-based business models have become a larger focus, the DBMaker R&D team applied their considerable experience to the DBMaker cloud database project. Using the CMMI ML5 project planning methodology, the R&D team started working on Cloud DB. After several panel review meetings, government support and funding for the new project was awarded to SYSCOM in August 2012. Handheld devices are also playing a role in the form of DBMaker Mobile Solution-DMSync. Complimenting the surge in mobile devices, this solution provides innovative features like data synchronization. DBMaker's design flexibility allows for this innovation and delivers data synchronization from iOS and Android devices to DBMaker as well as syncing from DBMaker to the hand-held device.

DBMaker 5.2 and 1,221 other register products participated in the “Taiwan Excellence Award” sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and conducted by the Foreign Trade Association. The review committee judged products based on: made in Taiwan, R&D, design, quality, and marketing. As the award winner, DBMaker is authorized by the MOEA to use the "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence" mark. DBMaker will also join MOEA marketing and promotion events both domestic and international. SYSCOM will continue adding to DBMaker's international certifications and accreditations. This long-term strategy will bring even greater international exposure and opportunities.

DBMaker Product Contact: Mr. Robin Chiu, +886 (02) 21916066 x8899