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Taiwan-Japan-China Golden Triangle Moving to Cloud Opportunities SYSCOM and Tokyo System House Announce Cloud Solution

[2010/11/16] Untitled Document

As enterprises seek to improve their IT investments while reducing costs and not affecting profits, the world is slowly turning attention to cloud computing. SYSCOM's (2453) high quality CMMI-based software management capabilities and professional cloud computing experience are proving invaluable as projects with TSH and Vic Tokai's data center move forward. Together the companies have released the MMS+Cloud solution for integrating proprietary systems with new cloud computing solutions. Released in Japan on October 19th this solution reduces high costs associated with operating proprietary systems.

On November 5th both SYSCOM and TSH held a join press conference at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel. During the press conference details of the company's cloud computing efforts were released. SYSCOM President Mr. Jui-Long Liu said the release of MMS+Cloud is not only TSH's first cloud computing solution but also their most recent achievement resulting from the new Golden Triangle cooperation model. This is a testament to SYSCOM's cloud computing capability.

SYSCOM noted that the Ministry of Economic Affair's Bureau of Industrial Development (IDB) has been promoting CMMI implementation since 2005. SYSCOM's CMMI level 3 and 5 appraisals are driving Taiwan's software quality and management capability towards international markets. These moves have helped SYSCOM gain the trust of Japan's quality conscious market which has been very encouraging. Our long-term collaboration with TSH and our commitment to the Golden Triangle outsourcing model has helped SYSCOM gain valuable product development experience and helped us maintain a large pool of experienced engineers in China.

TSH's Mainframe Migration Service (MMS) has been helping clients for 15 years and now with the introduction of SYSCOM's DBMaker database system, MMS has been cloud-enabled and both SYSCOM and TSH are proud to step into cloud computing with their newest MMS+Cloud solution. This announcement marks TSH's 35th anniversary and shows the success of the new Golden Triangle's software supply chain among Japan, Taiwan and China. Within the new Golden Triangle, Japan handles research and branding functions while Taiwan overseas management and China takes up production and itself offers a tremendous market.

The MMS+Cloud solution provides two valuable service types, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). MMS+Cloud provides SaaS through MMS Tools which is a software assets transfer tool. Additionally, PaaS is provided through AJBASETM which handles application execution for ported programs. This service charges users monthly based on usage. Data center construction is handled by Vic Tokai and features low-costs and fast turn-around. Taiwan vendors can look to this project as a good example of cloud computerization.

This cooperation leverages a powerful resource synergy among Japan, Taiwan and China. How the advantages of this form of regional collaboration can drive local software industries to globalization is clear. SYSCOM President Mr. Jui-Long Liu emphasized, "The new Golden Triangle's vision is clearly visible among the solution of SYSCOM and TSH. This cooperation also clearly shows the Taiwan government's support of cloud service. We hope SYSCOM and TSH's achievements will help Taiwan's software developers see the importance of CMMI in global markets and push our domestic companies to embrace the CMMI model. I hope this is a fine example for our domestic cloud market."


TSH Corporate Background

Name Tokyo System House Co., Ltd.

Corporate Headquarters

Kansai Branch

Established 11/1976
Capital 179.9 million Japanese Yen
Business Domain Computer related services
Revenue 2.62 billion Japanese Yen (through 10/2009)

高橋 勝也, Chairman
林 知之, President

Employees 176 (as of 10/2009)
Major Partners KDDI, Japan Railway East Group, NIKON Group, DC Card, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Banking Group, Japanese Tobacco Group, IBM Japan, NTT Japan East, Xerox, Toshiba Group, and more.

What People Say about TSH


WingArc Technologies, Inc.

"We are very excited about TSH's release of their new MMS+Cloud solution. It is helping us move the COBOL to open systems. Migrating the mission critical reports was a big concern but MMS+Cloud handled it without a problem.

We hope TSH will continue expanding their solutions to the cloud domain. WingArc plans to aggressively support MMS+Cloud technology.

WingArc Technologies, Inc
內野 弘幸, President



We are happy to see TSH's release of their new MMS+Cloud solution for proprietary system migration.

Reducing IT costs by proprietary system migration must also maintain our competitiveness. Porting proprietary systems to open systems will certainly present many problems. We have found that TSH's MMS+ CLOUD solution can help and with high service quality and at a reasonable cost.

BSP is proud to work with TSH providing our A-AUTOR tool as the automatic job execution component within MMS+Cloud.

竹籐 浩樹, President


DBMaker Japan

DBMaker Japan and the SYSCOM Group congratulate TSH on the arrival of their first cloud computing solution, MMS+Cloud.

TSH has selected DBMaker Japan's DBMaster as the database engine and DCI (Database COBOL Interface). In part, DBMaser's compact, low-cost and high performance were features that drew TSH to the product.

We believe the TSH solution, with its seamless interaction with other cloud solutions, is poised for great success.

DBMaker Japan and SYSCOM Group in Taiwan looks forward to continuing to provide TSH with quality DBMaster support and outsourcing development services.

DBMaker Japan
蕭炯森, President



There are growing demands for cloud services. We are sure that the release of MMS+Cloud is a good addition to the market that will further fuel its growth. We hope that our partnership with TSH will endure for a long time.

山中 正明, President