R & D


In 2004 SYSCOM constructed Taiwan's first Research and Development Center approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This R&D facility focuses on databases, system integration and related tools especially geared for international markets.

The R&D Center functions as SYSCOM's technology incubator and is further driving Taiwan's pioneering software development. The seven research units utilize CMMI’s latest software quality standards to ensure the highest level of reliable development.

Each unit is independently responsible for achieving their own research results and yearly reporting of their activities. Two or more research units will collaborate as needed. Prospects for commercializing R&D results are continually evaluated.


Specialized technology research goals for the units are: relational database engines, CMMI software model support platforms, cross-market and cross-commodity trading platforms, information security, network management, technology for advanced financial solutions, and a next-generation stock trade and matching system.

By means of building the most advanced IT technology and software, each R&D center unit continuously upgrades and strengthens their capabilities in all aspects.

CMMI Maturity Level 5

The SYSCOM Group embraces the worldwide quality assurance Capability Maturity Model Integration approach, better know as CMMI. It is a process improvement approach providing organizations of all sizes with essential elements needed for nurturing effective processes. CMMI guides process improvement from beginning to end and beyond, but not just linear, the CMMI approach also tackles process improvement and quality assurance across the breath of a project, a division or an entire organization. CMMI adoption is worldwide, including by organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa.

The SYSCOM Group reached CMMI Maturity Level 3 in July 2004. Our subsidiary software factory in Xian, the Ling An Computer Company, achieved CMMI Level 3 in December 2005. More recently, in July 2006, SYSCOM reached CMMI's highest maturity appraisal level of 5, becoming Taiwan's first software company to achieve this high standard. Since 2009, Syscom has continued implementing reappraisal of CMMI Level 3 & 5 for their higher versions to ensure the software quality served to customers.

SYSCOM maintains many software quality certifications. In this way, we continuously upgrade software development capability for outsourcing projects. SYSCOM has already enjoyed successful outsourcing partnerships with government and industry, including international companies Acucorp (USA), Acucorp (Italy), TDI, TIS and TSH (Japan).