Syscom Ecosystem Exhibits Exciting Content at 2022 Smart City Summit and Expo

SYSCOM Computer works with start-up partners to deploy Metaverse solutions including 5G XR development and wearable devices. By combining digital forms of IoT and 5G communication, SYSCOM gradually shapes and implements the "Metaverse Ecosystem" with its self-developed tool products, including network monitoring tool - NETCenter, human-machine integrated process management tool - OMFLOW, the information security integration platform - Diamond Guard, and artificial intelligence image analysis tool - VIAMaster. Syscom is exhibiting all these products, services, and solutions at our booth Q215a at the annual Smart City Summit and Expo from March 22 through 25, 2022.

With the maturity of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the popularity of metaverse topics, the demand for digital transformation continues soaring. SYSCOM Computer displays various smart solutions and digital application achievements. A total of seven themes are exhibited, including Smart Service Robots, Smart Retail, Smart Healthcare, Metaverse, Information Security, Smart Security Protection, and Digital Transformation. Our start-up partners and international partners are also invited to participate in this grand event to realize a smart new life with their concrete results. It is worth mentioning that the "Smart Retail" this year not only showcases "Smart Vending" but also the initial successful experiences that SYSCOM obtained from the retail industry by assisting Carrefour to upgrade to "Smart Retail 4.0" and to achieve online and offline channel integration. Many immerse programs are available at the show site and visitors are welcome to experience these widely applied technologies.

  This year's exhibit includes:

1.Ayuda Smart Service Robot / Ayuda Cute, an Epidemic Prevention Tool

Ayuda assists enterprises to seize contactless business opportunities, and has successfully deployed in service areas including public safety, healthcare, retail, finance, and education as well as exports to the Japanese market. The epidemic prevention features of Ayuda Cute support measuring body temperature, face masks detection, recording duty time, recording data of body temperature, mask, and more.

2.Smart Retail

In addition to exhibiting Syscom’s Smart Vending, which integrates a new shopping model using AI and the Internet of Things, and our Smart Retail solutions, which integrate orders, cash flow, and logistics, Syscom's Smart Retail 4.0 complied channel-integrated solutions are displayed through the B2B2C model e-commerce system.

Integrated solutions are showcased in a combination of Customer Data Platform (CDP), Marketing Automation (MA), Business Intelligence (BI), High-brightness display technology, and AIoT embedded solution products, to offer a new shopping experience.

Collaborative exhibitors: beBit Technology, Litemax.

3.Smart Healthcare

Combining AI and IoT technologies with medical service robots, Syscom's Smart Ward Solution meets your patient care needs.

Proactive notification allows the care team to immediately understand and deal with patient problems. Non-contact devices for monitoring breathing, heartbeat, real-time SpO2 blood oxygen concentration, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and eye sclera color are exhibited.

Collaborative exhibitors: Focaltech Smart Sensors, Docsun Clinical Computation Lab.

4. Metaverse

The virtual and real world are integrated through tools like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and digital avatars. We use AR eye glasses, VR headset and phone swipes to operate remote tools that optimize the real world. Syscom is actively involved with Metaverse layout, and we are exhibiting our own products in this space, "NETCenter Network Monitoring and Management Center," "Diamond Guard intelligent information security integration service platform”, and "VIAMaster artificial intelligence image analysis expert platform.” Virtual and in-person experiences are available and all are welcome to visit.

Collaborative exhibitors: Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd., Global Power Technologies Corporation (GPT)

5.Smart Security

In the era of the Internet of Things, smart security has been extended from post-event remediation to pre-warning. This shortens incident response time and implements a joint security prevention approach to reduce user losses. Syscom Computer is well aware of the needs of users and invests in the research and development of its own products, including:
"NETCenter Network Monitoring and Management Center” and "Diamond Guard intelligent information security integration service platform.”

6.Smart Security Protection

Smart security protection has become a very important application for smart cities and the Internet of Things. Syscom's "VIAMaster artificial intelligence image analysis expert platform" combined with domestic manufacturers GVD and ITRI, integrates images of multiple surveillance equipment and AI and other technologies for rapid cross-comparison and analysis to strengthen public security.

7.Digital Transformation

According to IDC's latest forecast, the global digital transformation investment will reach 2.8 trillion US dollars between 2022 and 2025, showing that global enterprises’ operations and development are firmly rooted in "Digital First." This year our "Digital Transformation" theme features our own product, "DBMaker database management system" which we are proudly exhibiting. Also, on display is "OMFLOW human-machine process automation engine.”
We welcome VIPs to visit us and see our digital transformation solutions all in one place.

Collaborative exhibitors:
International partners - HPE、Tokai/CloudMaster(Japan)、CIJ(Japan)、Fuji IT(Japan)、INTERON(Brazil)、Veryant(Italy)
Startups – Aidea, Sightour Inc.

There's no end to this year's exciting content.

Exhibition information

◆ Event name: 2022 Smart City Summit and Expo
◆ Exhibition location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2(No. 2, Economic and Trade 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City)
◆ Exhibition Booth: Syscom Computer Q215a
◆ Exhibition time: March 22 (Tuesday) - March 24 (Thursday) 10:00~18:00, 2022 / March 25, 2022 (Friday) 10:00~17:00