Three Self-developed Syscom Computer Products Win the 2021 "Taiwan Excellence Award" Smart Service Robot Ayuda Wins the Silver Award in one fell swoop

[2020/11/27] Three pieces of good news for Syscom Computer from three Syscom self-developed products — DBMaker Database, Network Monitoring Management Center NETCenter, and Smart Service Robot Ayuda — all winners at the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award. What’s more, Smart Service Robot Ayuda won the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Silver Award.

Caption: Meihua Wang (left), Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, awarded the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award to Ruilong Liu (right), Syscom Computer’s president

As one of Taiwan’s leading domestic large-scale systems integrators, Syscom Computer continues to invest in research and development. Since the establishment in 2005 of the first information service industry R&D center, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Syscom has been committed to improving software quality, becoming the only domestic vendor twice achieving CMMI Level 5 appraisal, the highest-level of this international software quality standard. Syscom was awarded the National Quality Award-Manufacturing Quality Model Award in 2018 and was awarded the Information Governance Excellence Award by SGS in October of this year. Syscom Computer has been bringing its self-developed products to market in recent years and opening up specialized markets with tremendous potential. James Liu, President of Syscom Computer, said, "Although Syscom’s DBMaker database has been winning the Taiwan Excellence Award for four consecutive years, this year we have earned awards for our Network Monitoring Management Center NETCenter and our Smart Service Robot Ayuda, which makes us very proud."

The smart service robot Ayuda is entirely made in Taiwan (MIT), and strives to reduce costs and pursue innovation in the overall manufacturing process, taking into account environmental protection and green energy, and uses local materials 100% sourced from Taiwan. Ayuda integrates robot components, mobile platform, facial recognition, human form detection, voice recognition, natural language conversation, video, and self-learning mapping and navigation functions, and provides customized software and hardware engineering design based on human ergonomics making its operation more convenient. After the launch, it attracted the attention of global markets including those in Japan, Vietnam, Italy, the United States, India, and other countries. Ayuda is exported to Japan and has appeared in local media like NHK TV, Kanagawa TV, and Nikkei News. Ayuda was awarded the 2017 IOT Innovative Application Award-Enterprise Category Champion and in 2018 won the System Integration Output Award champion. Ayuda’s service areas include public safety, finance, healthcare, libraries, education, retail, and more.

Caption: Smart Service Robot Ayuda Wins the Silver Award

This year’s award-winning DBMaker Database provides a cloud-based open data connection interface, big data applications, and flexible dynamic field management and other functions to cope with changing data types. The high price in Europe and America among other database products makes DBMaker a cost-effective solution for users in the United States, Italy, Japan, Brazil and other countries. The Network Monitoring Management Center-NETCenter is a management tool developed by Syscom Computer based on our rich network expertise and customer service experience. NETCenter’s monitoring fully grasps the status of your most complex IT infrastructure equipment. Benefits include vastly improved daily network maintenance. Syscom hopes to bring NETCenter to more international markets.

Taiwan continues its reputation as the technology island with "Taiwan Excellent Products, the Pride of Taiwan." In this way, Syscom Computer continues promoting and developing high quality global technology services that shine throughout the world’s markets.