COBOL Migration Service

Given today's rapid growth and change, some mainframe systems just can't handle new competitive pressures. Each year it becomes more costly to maintain, but when that old mainframe is handling your data processing, finance, statistics, resource planning and human resources, switching to a new system might seem hopeless, or too risky.

Moreover, protecting your investment in existing COBOL code is critical when considering any new system. SYSCOM believes that migration to open systems is the solution. You will achieve greater efficiency and vastly reduce your operating costs.

During migration, risk is reduced at every step of the process by our expertly trained migration engineers. We handle your original system's business logic, code and data as if it were our own. When compared to the risks involved in developing an entirely new system, our customers have time and again agreed that our COBOL migration service is the way to go.

Our migration recommendations are based on a meticulous comparison of your current environment with a new open environment. SYSCOM's migration toolkit verifies migration accuracy. We follow that up with extensive regression testing which verifies that the pre-migration system and your new post-migration system both generate identical results.

SYSCOM focuses on the best that the open environment has to offer: ACU COBOL, Microfocus COBOL and RM/COBOL. On the hardware side, we have years of migration experience with IBM (OS390/MVS), NEC (ACOS2/ACOS4), HITACHI (MSP/XSP) and FUJITSU (VOS1/VOS3).

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