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NETCenter--Network Management System

Get control over your networked devices: wired and wireless, NETCenter helps you manage it all

As technology advances our IT environments are becoming even more complex and more difficult to maintain. Your network is probably like most others, hosting untold numbers of networked devices. Worse yet, the devices, computers, printers, and more are from various companies each with their own particular quirks. This always creates a large expense for enterprise-wide client management.

SYSCOM developed NETCenter with one purpose in mind: easy, efficient and cost reducing network management. NETCenter provides a highly flexible system and unsurpassed compatibility with your network devices and network infrastructure. NETCenter works in real-time, just like your network with real-time reporting of network operating conditions. Management of network resources executes immediately.

As an advanced network management tool, NETCenter includes the five critical ISO network management functions: fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management and security management. Additionally, NETCenter offers provisioning management and topology management.

Benefits & Features
‧ NETCenter's auto-discovery finds your devices, even those that frequently move and wireless devices
‧ Automatically generates network topology maps helping your network administrator get control fast
‧ Multi-platform and multi-vendor network device management using industry standard Telnet and SNMP
‧ i18N multilingual standard is built-in, internationalization and localization is easy
‧ NETCenter's highly organized interface means minimal training for operators and administrators
‧ Easily control all your network devices via network topology or device layout
‧ Provisioning simplifies work flows for mid to large-sized network infrastructures
‧ Network device monitoring is real-time so you achieve maximum performance
‧ Automated pro-active identification of network performance problems with email, pop-up and mobile message alerts providing immediate notification 


NETCenter Public Sector Reference Site
Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice, Taiwan National Government
NETCenter Private Sector Reference Sites
Chung Hwa Telecom, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Jih Sun Financial Holdings Company, Shang Hai Commercial Bank, Hsin Chuang Farmers’ Association, Concord Securities Company, TC Securities Company, Coretronic Group, Kuo Kuang Motor Transport
Mr. Max Yang, SYSCOM, Product Management Director
Phone: (02) 2191-6066 x8838 (international inquiries please dial +886-2-2191-6066 x8838)