i4M/Global Trader Back-office Suite

Back-office management system for securities companies

This SYSCOM solution is fully compliant with the securities regulations of Vietnam for use by Vietnamese companies. Additionally, our flexible multilingual design offers easy localization making the system equally at home anywhere in Southeast Asia.

SYSCOM Back-office Suite is built on Microsoft's .NET framework. Either Microsoft SQL or SYSCOM DBMaker can serve as the solution's database engine. SYSCOM's interface design engineers carefully designed the UI elements using Winform, giving you a friendly and very rich UI that can also automatically download updates directly to the desktop.

Just some of the special system benefits include a secure user verification process, flexible settings for controlling inter-branch logins, handling charge customization and user defined trading authorization method. Also, trading hours order supplements provide support for collateral and PIA accounting. Our solution supports various account reconciliation methods to meet the needs of different trading times and markets.


‧ System Management: trading holidays, dealer data, special charges, promotions, verification setup, handling charges, interest

‧ Investors: profile, account authorization, account lock/unlock, account archiving

‧ Commodities: markets, commodities

‧ Accounting: regular order supplements, regulatory order supplements, order supplement cancellation, confirmation, clearing and settlement

‧ Credit: collateral trading, ex-dividend and ex-rights announcements

‧ Securities Company: securities depository

‧ Banks: profile data

‧ Daily Processes: market status, clearing, accounts payable/receivable

‧ Information Queries: order placement, accounts payable/receivable, settlement, stock portfolio, historical data, collateral, investors, performance

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Mr. Jesse Change, SYSCOM, R&D Director
Phone: (02) 2191-6066 x8629 (international inquiries please dial +886-2-2191-6066 x8629)
Email: Jesse_Chang@syscom.com.tw