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SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2014

[2014/1/3] SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB was among 1,281 other register products participating in the “Taiwan Excellence Award” sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and conducted by the Foreign Trade Association. The review committee judged products based on: made in Taiwan, R&D, design, quality, and marketing. This year a record number of entries were received. SYSCOM Computer, following its "2013 Taiwan Excellence Award" for DBMaker 5.2, submitted reimagined and innovative cloud-based version named DBMaker CloudDB. As the award winner, SYSCOM will continue adding to DBMaker's international certifications and accreditations. This long-term strategy will bring even greater international exposure and opportunities.

SYSCOM DBMaker began in the days of personal computers before innovations made it a powerful player in the Internet era, and finally today DBMaker continues to lead in the cloud computing arena. SYSCOM Group President Mr. James Liu, with foresight and leadership, steered SYSCOM toward Cloud Computing growth opportunities. DBMaker CloudDB unit sales of 500,000 in the Japanese market, also where we've piloted "DBMaker CloudDB" successfully, are phenomenal. In addition to welcoming our academic and research institutions by offering free licensing, SYSCOM is providing free CloudDB training for corporate customers and universities and other academic institutions. We expect this will further encourage companies, academic institutions, and universities to join thousands of DBMaker CloudDB customers.

DBMaker CloudDB provides these powerful features and capabilities:

* Reducing enterprise development cost with simple application registration — no need to purchase additional server and database authorizations. Get right down to business system development and using the powerful functions of the database.
* 24-hour uninterrupted CloudDB service for system development.
* No need for expensive training of your professional database management personnel — Our CloudDB Team Professionals are ready to provide all the consulting you might need.
* Cloud solutions are quickly deployable with the innovative Cloud ODBC (Cloud Open Database Connectivity) support
* Supports standard SQL commands
* High reliability data storage technology minimizes your risk in the event of system downtime or data loss

Contact: Eric Lee
Phone: (02) 2191-6066 extension 8066