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SYSCOM and Japanese SI company Net One Partners Global Market Development Cooperation Contract Signed

[2015/9/15] On September 14, 2015, SYSCOM and Tokyo-based Net One Partners jointly announced the signing of their cooperation agreement that SYSCOM will provide to Japanese-owned companies (JOCs) in Taiwan and nearby countries with network infrastructure construction services and solutions. Net One Partners will reciprocate with support for SYSCOM's Japan-based Taiwanese customers. SYSCOM has for a long time worked with Japanese software companies and now we are working with a major systems integration (SI) company. This reflects the government's successful PRODUCTIVITY 4.0 plan helping Taiwan industries improve their global competitiveness.

Japanese enterprises are investing heavily in IT infrastructure for their overseas subsidiaries and this trend is gaining momentum. The requirements vary and include overseas data centers and collaborative meeting environment platforms. Since the service quality necessary for construction and maintenance is dependent upon the capabilities of local vendors, the government is responding to this need by sponsoring and promoting activities and enacting Japan-Taiwan cooperation policies. Signing of the cooperation agreement between SYSCOM and Net One Partners is just one positive result of the government policies.

Net One Partners, part of Japan-based Net One Group, focuses on integrating local and overseas partners to provide high quality IT network infrastructure construction for their overseas customers. Net One Partners has tremendous network capabilities and through their cooperation both Net One Partners and SYSCOM expect to fulfill their customers’ needs for high quality network construction with future extension to China and other Southeast Asian countries. By working with SYSCOM, Net One Partners is able to provide superior service satisfying the requirements and IT infrastructure design of their Taiwan-based customers and those in nearby countries. These customers now enjoy the same service quality as those in Japan. In the same way, SYSCOM now provides more comprehensive service to their customers in Japan through the support of Net One Partners.

Net One Group is Cisco's largest distributor in Japan. SYSCOM is a major systems integrator in Taiwan and has been Cisco's Gold Partner for the past 16 years. Working together, SYSCOM and Net One Group are providing more secure and more stable services for network planning and construction than they were able to offer individually.

President of Net One Partners, Mr. Takahisa Kawaguchi, said, “It is our honor to contract with SYSCOM. Net One Partners' strategy is to focus on JOCs (Japanese Owned Company) market because many Japanese-owned companies are expanding to overseas markets. It is important to work with an international systems integration company like SYSCOM. I have confidence in this alliance which will bring enormous benefits to both parties and our customers.”

SYSCOM President, Mr. James Liu, said, “We have been cooperating with many Japanese companies such as Tokai Group in the cloud services market, CIJ in software development and sales, and now Net One Partners for IT network infrastructure service market. SYSCOM, based on its accumulated expertise, hopes to extend our service territories and strengthen our services portfolio in order to further realize our New Golden Triangle business model among Taiwan-Japan-China. SYSCOM is very honored to work with Net One Partners and hopes that both companies can provide superior service to our domestic and overseas customers through our alliance.”

About Net One Partners

Net One Group, established in 1988, is leading Japan's network sector and has a wealth of success stories including major Japanese telecom service providers. Net One Group is significantly contributing to Japan's ICT market. Net One Partners, a Net One Group subsidiary, established in 2008, and based on our 25 years of solutions and technology experience, is a high valued distributor focusing on providing the best solutions for their customers in the ever-changing ICT markets. Visit for more information about Net One Partners.


SYSCOM, established in 1975 and went public in 2001, is valued at 37 million USD. Our service centers include Taiwan, China, Japan, America, Thailand, and Vietnam. We are one of Taiwan's leading companies providing international information services.

Since the beginning, we have focused on system integration for over 40 years and introduced many cutting edge products and technologies. Together with our outstanding software development capabilities, we provide services to our customers in many areas such as the financial sector, telecommunications, healthcare, the public sector, and high-tech manufacturing. More recently, SYSCOM is aggressively specializing our expertise around these domain sectors and providing value-added software services moving beyond price-based hardware sales. SYSCOM is transforming into a knowledge economy IT services provider. Please visit for more information.